Street Projects

The City of Portland has a proactive street reconstruction and repair program that is designed to maximize the life of our streets. At the start of the program, all streets and roadways maintained by the City were assessed with ground penetrating radar. Information from this assessment was used to calculate road condition scores. These scores are then used to determine when a roadway needs repairs and what type of repairs are needed. This systematic approach allows the City to optimize its resources and complete as many projects as possible. To view the types of street maintenance and repair the City of Portland conducts, visit (link). 

Current Projects

The City of Portland's current road maintenance and improvements projects include:

Phase 11 Street Improvements Project

The Phase 11 Street Improvements Project is a part of the year-round repair and replacement program. Currently, crews are finishing mill and overlay in the Northshore area and are beginning work on Lang.  To see the status of all streets in the Phase 11 program, visit (link)

Broadway Blvd Expansion Project 

The Broadway Blvd Expansion Project was created to alleviate the increasing traffic on Broadway Blvd between US 181 Frontage Road and Meadowbrook Dr. This project includes 3 phases: Extending Sacramento Street to Broadway Blvd, installing a 4-way traffic light at California Dr and Broadway Blvd and widening Broadway Blvd to 2 lanes each direction. For full project details and updates, visit (link).